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We thank these divers for their personal
reviews of recently purchased equipment.

Add a Gear Review

Lana Holmes
Hong Kong

Item: Cochran EMC-20H Computer

Price: 995.00

Purchased From: Local direct sales rep

I just got the new Cochran computer and it has a user replaceable battery and is programmable to 0.1% nitrox when other computers and only do ± 2%. It also does all calculations every one second when any other computer does no better than every 4 seconds.

Recommend: Yes

Mark Warner
Huntsville, AL

Item: Cochran Nemesis IIa Nitrox

Price: $1000.00

Local Purchase: yes

The computer has lasted since 1995, the internal lithium battery has now failed. You are supposed to return to the unit to Cochran to be replaced. Only thing is they do not support the product anymore. They wanted me to buy a new unit($1800.00). The computers are good, but no long term support for something as a simple internal battery replacement now makes unsure of buying another computer from them. Cessi still supports a regulator I bought in 1981.

Recommend: No

Simon Chang
Taipei, Taiwan

Item: Hertenberger U/W Torch

Price: USD $ 850
Where Purchased : Germany

I'm an U/W videographer and instructor. I purchased this light over 5 years ago and loved it then. Super white intense lighting for night dives. Best thing is it has 3 settings, 100% to 75% to 50% intensity. When on full 100% blast, one charge lasts 45 minutes. Simply the best light out there, nothing brighter or more reliable. A bit pricey though.

Recommend: Yes

Simon Chang
Taipei, Taiwan

Item: MARES, Vector 1000 BCD

Price: USD $ 950
Local Purchase: yes

Great for teaching, love the big D rings and the dump valve is great for inverted deflation of BC. Only problem is it's not that durable. BCD pockets already have fraying from over use? Also, it's been in storage for a few years and when I got it out of the dive gear, the dump valves all are stuck together and there were some flakes in side the BCD, white plastic or dried out silicone flakes? The mouth piece is specked with mildew which can't be washed off. Overall, pretty good BCD but I know there are better ones out there.

Recommend: No

Sattya Sukhu
Fort Lauderdale, FL

Item: Exceed Electric Wetsuit

Price: $89.00
Online Purchase: yes

This is the most comfortable wetsuit I have ever owned. The colors are great for visibility underwater. I highly recommend this suit.

Recommend: Yes

K. Johanson

Item: Aquamundo Wave Cutter Fins
Price: $77.00
Local Purchase: yes

Bought a pair of Aquamundo wave cutter fins when I was in the Philippines and love the ease in performance and design of foot pocket and quick release buckles. It's a great pair of fins to have and very affordable. I recommend you check out their line of gear if ever you visit the Philippines.

Recommend: Yes

Jimi Devine
Lynn MA

Item: Zeagle Tech BC
Price: $700
Local Purchase: yes

This bc is awesome. Its very comfortable and adjustable and easily switchable to 2 tanks. Its all clips in the front and the integrated weights are perfect for warm water diving because it eliminates the need for a shorty. Although this bc is a top pick for northeast ice divers. 6 drings on the front aswell for clipping your gizmos onto.
Recommend: Yes

Alicia Bartek
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, USA

Item: Max holding systems tank and speargun rack
Price: $110.00
Online Purchase: yes

Went out in some pretty rough seas the other day with a new suction mount rack i purchased. The thing worked great and shocked the heck out of me. I strongly recommend it if you don't want to drill your boat like me.
Recommend: Yes

Item: Aqualung Bali 3mm Wetsuit
Local Purchase: yes

Very satisfied, have used it constantly and have had no problems, quite hardy and wasnt very expensive
Recommend: Yes
Scott Alkema

Item: Scubapro Twin Jet Fin
Price: $170
Local Purchase: yes

Excellent fins. ! tried two different types and just kept going back to these. Bit pricey but worth every penny. Really makes for easy effortless swim.
Recommend: Yes

Item: Black Diamond BC
Price: $700.00
Where Purchased: Locally

Great B.C. does everything you could want, and then some. I'm an instuctor, and has lot's of lift.

The new locking weight pouches are great!
Recommend: Yes
R. Ferguson

Item: Tracit Dive Log
Price: 39.95
Where Purchased: Online
Easy to use windows based dive log and dive planner. Includes all sorts of information for printing your log book.
Recommend: Yes
Colombo, Sri Lanka

Item: Aqualung Legend LX Regulator
Price: US$ 450
Where Purchased: Singapore Distributor

This reg is fantastic, my bottom time has improved due to the efficiency of this reg. I would recommend it highly.
Recommend: Yes
Dannie J. Coleman
Bristol Wisconsin , USA

Item: ANDY'S drysuit D3 Cordura
Price: $1900.00 w/undies
Where Purchased: Local

Dove alot of drysuits but this one is the best. Ease of entry, comfort and durability. I am an instructor, and this one takes all the abuse I can dish out.
Recommend: Yes
Minneapolis, MN

Item: Mares HUB Avantgarde
Price: $860
Where Purchased: Online

Excellent set up. It's all there, every time. Gets a bit heavy w/integrated weights, regulator, gauge computer. Lots of value if in need of all equipment. Does not come with gauge/computer.
Recommend: Yes
Mike Auger
Ottawa, Canada

Item: Cressi Aqua pro 5 BCD
Price: $499.00 can. dol.
Where Purchased: Local

Great bcd, comfortable fit, lots of places to clip things on to. Comes with hose clips to secure octo, and one for the guages. Pockets are vilcro fastened which can be a bit difficult to open under water if your not familiar with it. Built in lumbar support for oower back support. I like the partial weight integration (up to 12lbs) this means less weight to put on the belt. I am thuroughly happy with mine. Great for novice or advanced divers.
Recommend: Yes
Tampa, FL

Item: Sea Elite Sport BCD
Price: $159
Where Purchased: Local

Bought this as my first BCD-as a student, money was tight and I had been persuded against ordering online by talk of grey market equipment- wish I hadn't have listened and spent money on a brand instead. BC is a pain ot deflate and tends to hold air-have to squeeze myself to get down. Underwater, swims ok-fairly comfy and little drag, but the inflator has begun to leak already.
Recommend: No
Ervin Barron
Nova Scotia, Canada

Item: Dacor Xtreme Access Console
Price: $750
Where Purchased: Local

Batteries in the H/P Transmitter die very fast I like the computer but have to remember to remove the batteries after each dive or the will die.
Recommend: No
Ramon Valencia
California, USA

Item: Atomic Aquatics M1 Regulator
Price: $600.00
Where Purchased: Local

Great reg., breaths very smoothly, breathing effort is the same at 10 feet and 100+ feet, O2 compatible, nice extended exhaust, very comfortable mouthpeice, Looks cool too!
Recommend: Yes
Robert Paulin
Pelham, Alabama

Item: Oceanic Model OP 20t dive light
Price: $ 300.00
Where Purchased: Local

Hand held aluminum housing - 20 watt halogen bulb. Do not break the bulb removing the battery for charging ( the bulb is attached to the battery )I've been trying for a month to get a replacement bulb. Not only can I not get the bulb, Oceanic does not know how much it will cost. The bulb, I was told cannot be purchased locally. It comes from over seas and appears that its not available yet. If you decide to purchase this light, I would suggest checking to see if replacement bulbs are available.
Recommend: No
James Hawksworth
South Korea

Item: Henderson Gold Core Farmer John
Price: $289
Where Purchased: Online

Excellent 3mm suit. As advertised, it is very easy to get in and out of, dries very fast, and fits superb. Comes in a wide range of sizes. I'm 5'10, 170 lbs, 32 waist, 40r chest and the medium large fits as if tailor made. Another great suit by Henderson.
Recommend: Yes
James Dyas

Item: Drager Ray
Price: £1,200
Where Purchased: Local

Diving using the ray rebreather is great but the unite is prone to have a few problems and it seems there is no such thing as an aftersales sevice centre it is impossible to get any sort of spares or repairs within 4 to 5 months.
Recommend: No
J. Wassermann

Item: Mares Lirica, tech black
Price: AU$105
Where Purchased: Local

Tried the Mares Opera first but didn't like it (many do like the Opera). Then I tried the Lirica and I was sold! The drop lens is wicked.
Recommend: Yes
Cory Duecker

Item: Oceanic Chute II
Where Purchased: Local

Fantastic BC! Excellent lift, lots of D-rings, good pockets, trim weight pockets, easy to use inflator, and outstanding comfort. If Oceanic added a tank saftey strap it would be perfect!
Recommend: Yes

Item: ScubaPro Jetfins
Price: $100
Where Purchased: Local

It seems that the design of the Jetfin hasn't changed much over the last two (or three?) decades. Either they are out of fashion, or the JetFin achieved the highest level of evolution... A small kick in the water, a huge leap forward...
Recommend: Yes
Starke, FL, USA

Item: Rig 2 tech BC
Price: $600.
Where Purchased: Online

Very satisfied, comfortable adjusts easily. will handle doubles standard 75 lift will do 150. Durable many dives on mine have seen on ebay for 300-350.
Recommend: Yes
Gary Forberg
Tacoma, Wa.

Item: Dacor Viper Regulator
Price: about $450.
Where Purchased: Local

Great breathing reg if its set up right, some friends also have one... those like mine set right are great, those set off just a bit are terrible.... dont buy it unless ya have a top notch service man.
Recommend : Yes
Haifa, Israel

Item: Suunto Vyper (computer)
Price: $350
Where Purchased: Local

Excellent device! Supports air & nitrox&gauge modes! LCD screen is big and clear. Uncountable number of options. Pc portable.
Recommend: Yes
Paul Frankiewicz
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Item: UK D-8 diving light
Price: $122.00 Can inc. tax & extra grip
Where Purchased: Local

UK D-8 dive light. When you dive at night or in deep water where darkness is a problem this is a good flood light.Very bright white. It is big and heavy, but under water it doesn't matter that much. Don't buy lantern handle, buy pistol grip. I purchased the pistol grip, had to pay extra $10.00, now I'm happy. And my wrist is too. The nylon lanyard is a joke. It is a shoe lace with automotive thick wall rubber hose. Mine is in the garbage! Exactly where it belongs. Invest in good lanyard UK cut the corner here. Overall very good light, I personaly like it.
Recommend: Yes
Mac Smith
Jacksonville, FL

Item: Dacor Viper Metal Reg. 436012
Price: $369.950
Where Purchased: Local

Very good Regulator, No freeflow troubles, ease of breathing.
Recommend: Highly recommended
Jon C Cheris
Wellsville, PA

Item: Sherwood Regulator Brut SRB5 100
Price: $139.00
Where Purchased: Online

dive store price $ 240.00. very satisfied.
Recommend: Yes
Jonathon Putnam
Ft Bragg, NC

Item: Mares Synchro Power BCD
Price: $700?
Where Purchased: Local

I think it is a great BC. Only done 2 dives with it but am very happy with its performance so far.
Recommend: Yes
Jonathon Putnam
Ft Bragg, NC

Item: Mares MR 12 /Axis Reg
Where Purchased: Local

I am happy with it but have not had any time to test it too much. So far no bad points.
Recommend: Yes
David Scott
Saudi Arabia
Item: Sherwood Maximus Regulator
Price: USD $300
Where Purchased: Local

This regulator coupled with a good console and Sherwoods Minimus octopus is without doubt one of the best regs I've tried/own. The hoses are long enough not to hinder head movement with the adjustments capable of providing air under the most demanding of depth and temperatures.
Recommend: Yes
Samuel S Hilburg
Moshav Netzer Hazani D.N.Chof Azza Israel

Item: 3mm Wetsuit Sepa Subline
Price: 700 New Is. Shekel
Where Purchased: Other - Manf. store

Fits very well has life time guaranty on seams and zipper.
Recommend: Yes
Hedinn Olafsson

Item: Poseidon complete equipment
Price: $2000
Where Purchased: Catalog


Recommend: Yes
Mark Lloyd
Reeuwijk, The Netherlands

Item: Backplate & Halcyon Wings
Price: fl. 1500.00
Where Purchased: Local Dealer

Great system, wanted something that would last longer and perform better than my current BC.
Loved it and would highly recommend it to anyone else.

Recommend: Yes
Andy Sidek

Item: Mare Volo Fins
Price: SGD $180.00
Where Purchased: Local Dive Shop Retailer

The fins have very good control when finning.Less effort is being used as compared to other conventional paddle fins. It is the best fins I've used so far.
Recommend: Yes
David Lopez
Orlando, Florida, USA

Item: Camera Sea & Sea MX-10
Price: $500.00
Where Purchased: Local

Excellent camera , just wish the operator was as good as the camera.
Recommend: Yes
Iman Abdul Madjid
Bali - Indonesia

Item: Mares BCD ( Vector 1000 )& Regulator ( Rubi )
Price: Vector 1000 $ 600 & Rubi $ 400
Where Purchased: Other (in my dive club)

Vector 1000 is very good for your balance in the sea water and Rubi is very cool regulator.
Recommend: Yes
Charles mason
Spartanburg, SC, USA

Item: Sherwwood Maximus,Aeris BCD,Henderson wetsuit,Genesis computer
Price: Total$1800.
Where Purchased: Local

Have only dove once since purchase. Was satisfied with those two dives (on same day).
Recommend: Yes
Mike Karon
Lubbock, Texas USA

Item: Cochran , Gemini Computer
Price: 850.00
Where Purchased: Local

If you want a real dive computer look at the Cochran line they are truely the best. I bought the Gemini and had it upgraded to nitrox shortly after buying it . I have over 50 dives on it and it works great. It does everthing that you would ever want and more. If the navy uses it that should tell you something.
Recommend: Yes
Katie Bower
Huddersfield, UK
Item: delayedaid

Price: £29.95
Where Purchased: Online

The delayedaid, simply helps divers to deploy their delayed SMB quicker and easier. It attaches to your reel and your delayed SMB and allows divers to fill their delayed smb without trying to hold the thing open at the same time. I'm impressed and would recommend it to all divers who use a delayed SMB. I downloaded an order form from the web site after seeing video footage which can also be viewed on the site. www.delayedaid.com
Recommend: Yes
Ricardo Ruy Peña
Los Mochis, Sinaloa Mexico

Tusa Imprex Octo
Price: $88 USD
Where Purchased: Online

Very Good until 100 ft after that it gets dificult to breath.
Recommend: Yes
John M. Nemecek
Zlin, Czech Republix

Item: Scubapro's S-TEC 2 pc.s neoprene
Price: approx. US$320.00
Where Purchased: Local

Fantastic, except the hood should be rather attached to the main part of the suit and not to the "shorty" overcoat!
Recommend: Yes
Phil Semenuk
Whitmore Lake, Michigan U.S.A.

Akona / Dive Bag AKB142
Price: $195.00
Where Purchased: Local

This bag is the best bag I've seen in a long time. It has room enough for two divers' equipment. I had a zipper pull break off and took the bag into the dive center I bought it from, not only did they not charge me for repairs, they gave me a brand new bag. No questions.
Recommend: Yes
Mickey Sulam
Modi'in ISRAEL

Item: Zeegle BC
Price: $650
Where Purchased: Local

VERY satisfied. Worth every cent. Very comfortable. My dive buddy bought one too with me and he's very satisfied as well.
Recommend: Yes
Diane G. Johnson
Phoenix, Arizona

Item: Sherwood Oasis Regulator
Where Purchased: Dive Shop, Not Local

Oasis reg's, they are the best, I've tried other brands & I always return to Sherwood, for ease of maintenace they have great customer service & their product is dependable.
Recommend: Yes
Tom Hoppe

Item: Shearwood/BC
Price: $275.00
Where Purchased: Local

One of my latest purchases was my Shearwood BC, the Silhouette. It's quite comfortable with the placements of the adjustable straps, and the padded cumberbund.
The only downfall is the lack of D-rings. The Silhouette model has been offered with little to no change for over 15 years, that in itself must mean something. Besides, for the money I couldn't pass it up. I realize this is starting to sound like a sales pitch, it was in noway to intended in this way.
Recommend: Yes
Tony Bridge
Makati City, Manilla

Item: Mares Volo Fins
Price: $132 USD
Where Purchased: Local

Fantastic, using these fins requires a lot less effort in the water. As a sufferer of frequent calf cramp, the reduced effort in using these fins has made a huge difference to my diving enjoyment. The innovative strap release mechanism means once the strap size is set adjustment is no longer required for each use.
Recommend: Yes
Domenica Macchia
Floral Park, NY

Item: Suunto Stinger
Price: 489.00
Where Purchased: Other

I bought this item in England, it was not yet available in the US I will be trying it out in two weeks. The manual is very explicit, and it certainly looks cool.
Recommend: Yes
Hector Sachez

Item: Dacor Xtreme Access Console
Price: $750
Where Purchased: Local

It´s a great computer, nice display, back-light, comfortable. JUST EXCELLENT.
Recommend: Yes
Steve Woerner

Item: Oceanic BC Chute 2
Price: $400
Where Purchased: Local

Outstanding BC! Great fit and comfort. Lots of D rings and large wt. pockets
Recommend: Yes
William Brookhart

Item: Dacor Viper Tech Reg
Price: $300
Where Purchased: Local

Great reg, the only problem is occasional free flow. very comftable at all depths with good performance.
Recommend: Yes
Strasburg co.

Item: Tusa Reg set and computer
Price: $725.00
Where Purchased: Catalog

The only thing I didn't like about the regs is the mouth piece that comes with them. I purchased a new mouth piece and love them. I rented all the other brands before I bought and only like 2 other brands as good, but they cost considerably more.
Recommend: Yes
Andres Munoz
Puerto Ordaz, Venezuela

Item: Oceanic SP-4 / Alpha 7 /slimline
Price: 210 US$
Where Purchased: Other

Excellent High Demand Balanced Piston Regulator, light weight, even tested sharing air at 110 ft and no overbreathing. Fully satisfied.
Recommend: Yes
Ovezande, Netherlands

Item: Polar Bear / Dry suit
Price: $1,200
Where Purchased: Local

Very good dry suit. Fit's well.
I suggest the heavy duty boots when you dive in water with lot's of shell's at the entry and exit points. The original boots are soft and they leak fast.
Recommend: Yes



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