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Adventure Dive & Fishing Lodge
Ronton village,
Christmas Island
Tel. 686 81364
Fax. 686 81246
A resort established for eco-tourists who wish to truly experience the underwater and flyfishing riches of the largest coral island in the world.

About Kiribati

Christmas Island is in the Central Pacific where life is relaxed and laid-back. The local people are friendly and helpful, and are sure to greet you with smiles and hellos as you walk through town. The local language is I-Kiribati, but most of the Gilbertese locals speak English.

Christmas Island is located about 1300 miles south of Hawaii. That's only about a 3-hour flight, but Kiribati bends the dateline to keep all its islands on the same side, so you will arrive a full day later. One of the Line Islands, Christmas is the world's largest coral atoll, a full 45 miles long and between 7 and 25 miles wide, although lagoons make up nearly 2/3 of that area. The island was named after the day in 1777 when Captain James Cook first happened upon it, but it remained uninhabited until the 1950s, when the British chose it as the site for their nuclear weapons development project and induced a small Micronesian work force from the Gilbert Islands to relocate there. Once they'd detonated their H-bomb nearby, however, the British pulled out, leaving behind a few Micronesians and a great deal of debris. Today the island's 4400 residents are citizens of the Republic of Kiribati (pronounced cure-a-BOS).

All year round, daytime highs are in the mid-80's with moderate humidity, while evening lows are typically 72 degrees with a light breeze. Bonefishing, offshore fishing and diving is available year-round on Christmas Island due to the remarkably stable weather. Water temperature ranges from 77-82 degrees year round.

Getting There

Kiribati has 3 International gateways. These are located on Tarawa, Kiritimati and Kanton Islands.

Kiritimati (Christmas) Island

Air Pacific FlightThe flight schedule from Nadi is as follows:

Nadi (Fiji) to Kiritimati (Christmas) Island departsTuesdays at 11.59pm and arrives at Kiritimati (Christmas) at 6.35am on Wednesday, giving you a full day of fishing.
Flights return to Nadi the following Wednesday, departing Kiritimati (Christmas) at 4pm and arriving Nadi at 6.40pm the same day.
The flight schedule from Honolulu:

Departs from Honolulu at 11.59am on Tuesdays, arriving on Kiritimati (Christmas) at 3pm on Wednesday.
The return flight departs at 7.35am on a Wednesday and arrives back in Honolulu at 10.35 on aTuesday.
Please be mindful of crossing the international datelines on all flights that depart from Honolulu and the impact this will have on your connections.
Bookings can be made through http://www.fijiairways.com/ or your travel agent.

NOTE: Non US Citizens wanting to travel to Kiritimati Island may require a valid USA Visa when transitting through Honolulu, Hawaii. You will need to contact your USA Embassy to determine your specific visa requirements.


Fiji Airways

Tarawa is serviced twice out of Fiji by Fiji Airways. Flights depart from Nadi on Mondays and Thursdays and take 3 hours. Fiji Airways codes shares with Qantas and Cathay Pacific with connection availabe from Australia, New Zealand, United States and now from Europe through Hong Kong. For more information on flights and scheduling contact Fiji Airways at http://www.fijiairways.com/

Nauru Airline

Nauru Airline is now offering new flights between Brisbane, Honiara, Nauru and Tarawa . The airline operates a return service from these destinations arriving in Tarawa on a Monday morning and then departing back to Brisbane on Wednesdays at noon.

For more information on bookings and specials fares, visit their website: www.ourairline.com.au

Kanton Island

Kanton Island is accessible only by private flight and boat charters - if you would like more information about private charters, please contact the Kiribati Tourism Office at info@kiribatitourism.gov.ki

Domestic Flights
The national airline of Kiribati, Air Kiribati provides Trislander, Y12 and Casa inter-island plane connection several times a week to most of the islands. Charter flights can also be arranged.

By Sea
International ports are Banaba, Christmas Island and Tarawa. Kiribati is served by Norwegian Cruise Lines, which call at Fanning Island

Entry Requirements
All visitors to Kiribati must be in possession of a valid passport and onward ticket and must have proof of sufficient funds to support themselves while staying in the country. Visa is required except for Nationals of Kiribati and of the following countries coming for a stay max. 28 days: Antigua, Barbuda, Bahamas, Barbados, Botswana, Canada, Cyprus, Denmark, Fiji, Grenada, Guyana, Iceland, India, Jamaica, Kenya, Lesotho, Liechtenstein, Malaysia, Malta, New Zealand, Norway, Samoa (Western), San Marina, Seychelles, Sierra Leone, Singapore, Solomon Islands, Spain, St Keitt-Nevis, St. Lucia, Sweden, Switzerland, Tonga, Trinidad and Tobago, Tunisia, Tuvalu, United Kingdom (not Northern Ireland), Uruguay, Vanuatu, and Zimbabwe. Holders of passports of the following Commonwealth territories, coming for a stay of maximum 28 days: Bermuda, British, Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Cook Islands, Falkland Islands, Gilbralta, Hong Kong, Moniserrat, Niue, Turks, and Caicos. For a stay of maximum 20 days holders of passports issued by the Authorities of American Samoa, Guam, Trust Territories of the Pacific Islands, Nationals of Ecuador (max. stay of 20 days), Korea Rep. (South) (max. stay 30 days) Phillippines (max. stay 21 days). Those continuing their onward journey to a third country provided holding documents and tickets with confirmed onward/return reservations to abroad and do not leave the airport. A fee of AUD$40 for single visa and AUD$70 for a multiple visa is applicable for the issuing of the visa.

Those on prepared package tour may obtain their visa from Immigration Authorities on arrival. Visitors may upon arrival apply for a visitor's permit entitling them to a stay for a maximum 4 months in any period of 12 months, provided they hold: 1. a visa (if required) 2. Tickets for return or onward travel or sufficient funds to purchase them 3. Adequate funds for self-maintenance during stay.

Travel Tips

Rental Cars
Overseas driving licenses and international driving permits are recognized in Kiribati for a maximum period of two weeks after arrival. Persons hiring a rental car should be at least 17 years old.

240 volts AC, 50Hz.

The Government provides radio and postal services to all inhabited islands.

Country code: 686. Outgoing international code: 0. Most international calls from Kiribati have to go through the operator. IDD is available throughout urban Tarawa. Radio telephone calls can be arranged to most outer islands.

Mobile telephone
GSM 900 network in use. Network provider is Telecom Services Kiribati Ltd (website: www.tskl.net.ki).

This is available at the local Telecoms Office.

Available in Betio Mon-Fri 0800-1900 and on outer islands Mon-Fri 0800-1600. Telegrams may take several days to reach Europe.

ISPs include VPM Internet Services. There are currently no Internet cafes in Kiribati.

Postal Services
Airmail to Western Europe takes up to two weeks. There is a weekly postal service for overseas mail. Post office hours: Mon-Fri 0900-1500.

The weekly papers are Kiribati Newstar and Te Uekera, published in English and Kiribati. Kiribati Business Link is published in English.

BBC World Service (website: www.bbc.co.uk/worldservice) and Voice of America (website: www.voa.gov) can be received. From time to time the frequencies change and the most up-to-date can be found online.


Most resorts offer canoeing, fishing and snorkelling facilities. Scuba divers are advised to bring their own equipment. Birdwatching is popular, especially on Christmas Island where millions of birds are found. Game fishing on Christmas Island is also popular. A fishing license is not necessary and charters are easily available. For swimming, numerous beaches offer safe bathing. Golf can also be played on Ambo Island (part of Tarawa) where the green of the golf course is actually rolled sand. However, swimming in south Tarawa Lagoon is not advisable due to the extent of its pollution, and extreme caution is recommended on oceanside reefs.



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