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Dive The Big 5, based in South Africa, specialises in scuba diving safaris and wildlife safaris encompassing the entire coastline and length and breadth of Southern Africa.

The "Dive" part of Dive The Big 5 concentrates on the scuba diving activities including Great White Shark cage diving, "free-diving" with Sand Tigers, Tiger, Bull and Hammerhead Sharks (The Big 5 Sharks), the annual Sardine Run, unique to South Africa, reef diving, wreck diving, and pure tropical, coral reef diving along the coast of South Africa and Mozambique, as well as "live-aboard" diving off the islands of the Bazaruto Archipelago and the Quirimba's which lie off Pemba in northern Mozambique.

The "Big 5" part of Dive The Big 5 concentrates on the Wildlife Safari and touring activities. The Wildlife side includes guided tours of all the major game reserves in Southern Africa, both National Parks such as The Kruger National Park, Hluhluwe/Umfolozi and the Kalahari/Gemsbok National Park and a number of Private Reserves including Londolozi, MalaMala, Sabi Sabi and others, too numerous to mention by name. Also included under the "Big 5" umbrella are overland safaris through Namibia, Botswana (Okavango Swamps) and Zimbabwe and Zambia to the Victoria Falls.

The "touring" aspect includes all the major tourist destinations in Southern Africa such as Cape Town and the Cape of Good Hope and the Winelands of the Cape, the Garden Route, KwaZulu-Natal and the Zulu Culture and Zimbabwe/Zambia’s Victoria Falls with all the adventure activities associated with Vic Falls such as white water rafting down the mighty Zambezi River, elephant-back safaris in Zimbabwe/Botswana’s National Parks, bunji jumping, canoeing etc.

Wreck Diving

The Cape Peninsula lies at the convergence of the Atlantic and the Indian Oceans.

Thus affected by both the Agulhas and the Benguela Currents, the difference in sea temperature results in a fantastic variety of sea life and scenery.

The rugged coastline is littered with wrecks, most of which met their fate during winter storms.

Wrecks date from the 1600s to the present day. Cape Town’s Wreck Dives are found on both sides of the Peninsula, in two different oceans with distinct climates, temperatures and dive seasons.

Tropical Diving

The world’s southern-most tropical coral reefs are found in South Africa. These reefs are even further south than Australia’s Great Barrier Reef.

Shark Diving

South Africa has become world renowned as a destination for diving with sharks.

Initially it was only Great White cage diving but recently South Africa has become known for it's "Raggies" (Sand Tiger Sharks), Zambezi's (Bull Sharks), Hammerhead Sharks, Tiger Sharks, Copper Sharks, Blacktip Shark, Dusky Sharks and Spinner Sharks to name but a few. Not forgetting the Whale Shark which we all know is not a shark at all!! Divers have flocked to South Africa in their thousands in order to have the privilege to be able to dive with these magnificent creatures. Many have returned home with the feeling of being "skunked", not having seen a single shark and the main reason for this is due to the "season" and location. Shark diving is most definitely seasonal as well as regional.

If you want to see sharks it's imperative that you select the right time of year and the right place from which to dive with your preferred species of shark.

Wildlife Safaris

When considering a wildlife safari to South Africa there are a number of things that you should be aware of. Twenty years ago there were 8 commercial safari lodges in Southern Africa. Today there are in excess of 2800!!!

Of the 8 original safari lodges, four are situated in the Kruger National Park area of South Africa, those being Sabi Sabi, Londolozi, MalaMala and Motswari. The other 4 were situated in Botswana and Zimbabwe.

There are game reserves which are known as “soft” reserves, meaning that they have animals like antelope, monkeys, giraffe etc roaming free, but none of the “Big 5”. The Big 5 are lion, leopard, elephant, rhino and buffalo, and were given the name “Big 5” by the early big game hunters as these 5 animals were, and still are, the most dangerous animals in the African bush to hunt.

The “Big 5” reserves are where all of Africa’s wild animals roam free. A wildlife safari in a “Big 5” reserve is what most people dream of when thinking of a wildlife safari in Africa. Make sure you get the safari that you expect. Free roaming lion, leopard, elephant, rhino, buffalo, cheetah, giraffe, wildebeest, zebra and all the rest of the animals you imagine when thinking Africa, all free in their natural environment.

Additional Information

Scheduled or Tailor-made tours

All Dive The Big 5’s tours, whether they be diving, wildlife safaris or just general sight-seeing tours can either be "self-drive tours" where we arrange the rental car and all the accommodation and excursions and you drive yourself, or they can be "accompanied tours" where you have a local guide to host you on tour/safari, or a combination of both self-drive and accompanied tours.

Accommodation Offered

Accommodation can vary from basic dive lodges to local B&B’s to mid-range accommodation to 5 star lodges such as Londolozi, MalaMala and Sabi Sabi, although we do try and stay away from "back-packer" (hammock and camping) type accommodation.

Our Associates

For your added peace of mind, Dive the Big 5 is a member of SATSA (Southern African Tourism Services Association). This means that when booking a tour with Dive The Big 5, you are doing business with a legal and credible member of Southern Africa's travel trade.

Please visit our website for much more detailed information on the adventures above and more.

Southern Africa Tourism Services Association

Dive The Big 5
PO Box 2209
White River
South Africa
Telephone: +27 (O13) 750 1832
Fax: +27 (O13) 750 0018
E-mail: info@divethebig5.com
Website: http://wwww.divethebig5.com




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