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Spirit of St-Barth Plongee Birdy Dive.
Sea fans waving with the tide like streaming hair, myriads of kaleidoscopic fish hovering before the entry to a cave, a leopard ray’s slow dance contrasting with the silky white sand beneath it, the motionless station of a nurse shark sheltering close to a wreck, the vibrant, translucent colors of cuttlefish in quiet waters, a school of jacks passing through submerged lava arches … A green turtle gently paddling in the Caribbean blue, yellow grunts softly brushing against fragile sponges and anemones, blue-headed rainbow wrasses crossing before bouquets of red coral …
Make no mistake, in St. Barths the real sights lie beneath the surface!
Saint-Barth Plongée
This is our theater,
Welcome to the show!

Our Boat

Our boat, "Sacha" is 35 feet long (10.50 meters) with an “inboard" engine built for 25 passengers. Specially equipped for scubadiving, we welcome 10 divers per trip for the best comfort !!!! Tank rack, sun protection, special "snorkeling" & diving” ladder... Dry storage for clothing, protective cabin from the sea, wind and rain.
We will take you directly to the many dive sites around the island.
Dive sites are located in the natural reserve of St-Barts which is a paradise for divers.

Snorkeling and Diving

St-Barts and its surrounding islands located within a few minutes by boat, offer an exceptional variety of sites for diving. Whether you are a beginner or experienced diver, you can explore the underwater topography of immense beauty.

Delight yourself with a flora and fauna of a thousand faces: multiple tropical fish with amazing colors, corals, sponges, sea fans, shells just in front of you... A fascinating world for you to discover with great happiness.

From January to June, you might have the opportunity to observe the whales with their babies, and the unusual opportunity to hear them sing.

Just two hours by boat, we organize dives to the island of Saba, another magical place for new sensations and to discover a beautiful island with very different underwater sites; new experiences and delights are certain!


In clear, warm, shallow, tropical waters you can, with a qualified guide, observe an exceptional fauna and flora. He will tell you about the species that are hidden to the untrained eye and you can observe them in ideal conditions. The underwater discovery requires no training, it is accessible to all.

Leisure Dives

Soft swim of a green turtle, with the blue Caribbean background; gold laced grunts on the edges of fragile sponges and anemones, blue head Wrasse in coral bouquets...
Certainly, the biggest show in St Barth is underwater!

Private Instructor

The diving instructor will be exclusively for you, as a kind of guide in this diving savanna, full of surprises and discoveries.

Kind of coach in an aquatic environment, the diving instructor is certified and has complete knowledge of this tropical underwater region. He will take you directly to the most attractive sites according to your level.

Private Dives

The dive boat is yours for a few hours. Qualified instructors will spend the full time with you, will supervise you and you will discover places that will remain engraved in your memory for a long time.

This amazing trip, if desired, can be put on video with your underwater evolutions filmed... you will then take with you the most beautiful souvenir of your vacation.

Wreck Diving

Wrecks offer to the diver, the discovery of a specific ecosystem with a privileged habitat abundant in flora and an especially diverse underwater fauna.

Wrecks are always places of unusual explorations; conditions of the wreck always add an emotional aspect to these particular dives. Many wrecks are in the natural reserve of St Barths.

Underwater Weddings

While many couples can talk about their wedding, very few will tell you about their underwater wedding, or renewal of their vows.

An exceptional experience of beauty and emotion. This is for certified divers who will make three dives shortly before the ceremony, sort of aquatic rehearsal of the perfect setting for family to watch from start to finish on the glass-bottom boat, the "Yellow Submarine".

PADI Dive Instruction

Discover Scuba

From the age of 9 you can have your first dive just below the water’s surface, equipped with a tank and supervised by a qualified instructor.

This first dive will be a unique experience for you experiencing the magic of the under water world. Photo shooting session can be organize for this special occasion for you so that this first dive remains a moving testimony to share.

PADI Certification

There are several underwater levels, validated by various certificates. Our qualified instructors can teach you the theory and practice according to the time you have.

Our qualified instructors, depending on your level, can complete your training and validate your practice on site with minimum 4 dives if you already know the theory. Be aware that you only have a year to validate in the sea the certificate that you have acquired in the pool.

Visit our website for much more information and photos.

Come to St. Barth - We look forward to seeing you!

St. Barth Plongee
Gustavia, La pointe, quai de la Collectivité
Place n° 29
Saint-Barthélemy CEDEX
French West Indies
Tel. (590) 690 419 666






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