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Cayman has some of the best diving in the world, with easy access to great reefs close to shore. The west side of the island is usually very calm making it ideal for boat or shore diving. The boat trips are short to the famous Cayman wall and the entry to the shallow shore diving sites is very easy.

Eden Rock Diving Center is the gateway to the main shore diving attraction situated only a short swim from two of the world’s best shallow reefs Eden Rock and Devil’s Grotto ideal for Scuba diving and snorkeling. Follow the gently sloping bottom out until you see the coral reefs rise to within a few feet of the surface then drop 40 feet vertically to a sandy bottom. Both Eden Rock and Devil’s Grotto are honey combed with caves, tunnels and Grottos inhabited by many tropical fish, coral and sponges including Silversides and Tarpon.

The Diving Center offers a full range of snorkeling and Scuba diving equipment for sale or rent as well as Resort Wear. Eden Rock Diving Center has been PADI diving center for over 30 years teaching diving with courses ranging from Discover Scuba to Divemaster.

Guided Dives to Eden Rock and Devil's Grotto

Guide dives leave from our Scuba Diving Center at 9:00 AM 11:00 AM and 2:00 PM. Allow one and a half hours for a one tank dive and 3 hours for a two tank dive. The entry is down a diving ladder into 4 feet of water, we then swim out to the reefs which are close by.

Shore Diving

Enter the water near the Eden Rock Dive Shop where your equipment can be readied and you can simply walk into the water. You can conserve air by snorkeling out to the dive site since it's only a 140m (150yards) swim from shore to the buoys that mark the site, protecting divers below from speedboats and water-skiers. These buoys are visible from the shore and are clearly apparent in the aerial photograph. The sea floor is sandy and covered with small coral outcrops, rocks and sea-fans until you reach the large coral heads. The rocks become more and more frequent until they form a mini-wall. Past this the sea floor is sandy, but level and cleaner.

Cruise Diver

Eden Rock Diving Center welcomes cruise ship passengers, to the best value Cayman scuba diving in the Cayman Islands. If you are looking for the perfect shore scuba dive or a great snorkel dive we have something for you. The shore dives are available through out the day helping make your limited time ashore able to include a dive to Eden Rock or Devil's Grotto. The diving center is only a short walk from the dock in George town. Guided Scuba dives are available at 9:00 AM, 11:00 AM and 2:00 PM.

Cayman Islands are blessed with perhaps, the best diving in the world, clear, warm water is prevalent throughout the year, and two of the most popular snorkeling reefs in Grand Cayman Eden Rock and Devil's Grotto are just seconds from our shore entry.

Easy Entry
We can offer you some great snorkeling from shore; the entry is down a short pool like ladder of six steps into 4 feet of water
Two Great Reefs
Just come to Eden Rock Diving Center and rent your equipment we have some of the best snorkeling right off our shoreline Eden Rocks and Devil's Grotto.

Diving Equipment Rental

We offer a full selection of Scuba Diving and Snorkeling equipment for rent. A rental day is from 9:00 AM one day until 9:00 AM the next day.

65 Cubic foot tank (full)
80 Cubic foot tank (full)
100 Cubic foot tank (full)
Nitrox Tank 65 or 80 Cubic foot (full)
Air fill up to 80 Cubic foot
Air Fill up to 100 Cubic foot
Regulator w/ octopus / combo depth & pressure
Wet Suit
Dive Computor
Dive Light
Weight Belt
Mask & Snorkel
Optcal Mask
Snorkel Jacket
Snorkel Package (Mask, Snorkel, Fins, Snorkel Jacket)

Diving Instruction

Eden Rock Diving Center is a 5 star PADI dive center. We offer Discover Scuba through Divemaster course.

Our most popular classes include:

Discover Scuba and Dive
The discover scuba course and dive allows non divers to join the adventure and see some of the best reefs to be found. The program take 3 hours and includes instruction and a dive with equipment. The DSD course is also know as a Resort Course.

Repeat Discover Dive
A Repeat adventure dive.

PADI Open Water Diver
Learn to dive in 3 days includes Theory, Confined Water Practical and four open water dives. We recommend purchasing and studying the open water manual before starting the course.

PADI ELearning Open Water Diver
Learn to dive in 2 1/2 days includes Confined Water Practical and four open water dives. You need to have completed the online ELearning course with PADI.

PADI Referral Dives.
Four open water check out dives take over two days, for those who have completed the Theory and confined practical with an instructor at home.

Cruise and Dive referral dives.
Two open water check out dives take over a half day, for those who have completed the Theory and confined practical with an instructor at home and have limited time in Cayman.


For more information diving, course offerings
and rental rates, please visit our website at:


Eden Rock Diving Center
124 South Church Street
George Town
Grand Cayman



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